Some considerations about writing Windows Services

For posts like that I normally use Twitter, but it is not reachable currently – whow. This is just a reminder post :).
We have written a windows service in our application. The original goal was to reduce workload by only working up a piece at once. For some of the problems occurring the article here gave us starting points. With this post I just want to remind myself not to forget the old experience from this //TODONT. If you’re still writing worker services with timers, consider reading this here. If you don’t want to have timer elapsed handling parallel, then you can you can check this forum answer here. If you would wanna rewrite your service not to have timers in place check this article here.


About Tamas Nemeth

Husband and proud father of two daughters in Nürnberg. I'm working as a Senior Software Developer and an enthusiastic Clean-Coder. I spend most of my free time with my family (playing, hiking, etc...). I also play table-tennis and badminton sometimes...
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