WebJobs for Azure WebSites

I just have recognized this 5 days old blog post from Scott Hanselman. I find it extremely useful to have some kind of scheduler for background processing. Probably everybody has already written windows services, worker roles or any kind of task scheduler. For applications reaching Azure this time is mostly over with the use of WebJobs. This is currently in preview but already contains a lot of interesting features. There is an SDK to create C# console apps but one could upload a lot of other filetypes (.exe – .NET assemblies compiled with the WebJobs SDK, .cmd, .bat, .exe (using windows cmd), .sh (using bash), .php (using php), .py (using python), .js (using node)). For further details check out the original blog post : Scott Hanselman – Introducing Windows Azure WebJobs


About Tamas Nemeth

Husband and proud father of two daughters in Nürnberg. I'm working as a Senior Software Developer and an enthusiastic Clean-Coder. I spend most of my free time with my family (playing, hiking, etc...). I also play table-tennis and badminton sometimes...
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