Scaling Azure Cloud Services with the Management API

Just watching the Windows Azure Conf and I’ve found the Video (Taking Control of Your Windows Azure Services) from Michael Collier about using the Windows Azure Management API with the Fluent API from the elastacloud (

He is also talking about the WASABi (Windows Azure Autoscaling Application Block) included in the Enterprise Library 5.0 Integration Pack for Windows Azure which is also containing the Transient Fault Handling Application Block (Topaz).


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4 Responses to Scaling Azure Cloud Services with the Management API

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  2. For that matter using an API Management solution is important.
    3scale provides a hybrid ,API traffic management on-premise,
    API administration, traffic reports and developer portal cloud based and full featured API Management solution ,

  3. manisha7gaya says:

    Also there is another Open source, API Management solution available in WSO2 product stack called, WSO2 API Manager. You can add your Azure service to the API Store in a couple of clicks, by publishing them as an API using API Publisher.
    Once you publish your API, you will be getting an OAuth token to access the API, so you can use the API in your applications.
    Also you can monitor the usage of the API via a dashboard.
    To read more about API Management in WSO2 API Manager, go to

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